The Eni Village in Borca di Cadore (Bl) was built between the late 1950s and early 1960s, thanks to the political and entrepreneurial skills, ambition and enthusiasm of Enrico Mattei. It is a large complex (over 100,000 square meters), equipped with a system divided into different structures, and
built, according to innovative criteria, in a large forest at the foot of Monte Antelao, which with its 3,242 meters dominates the Cadore and overlooks the town of Borca, about ten kilometers from Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The death of Mattei, in 1962, reduced the thrust necessary to carry out this experiment of social utopia in the environment, which was therefore only partially completed, compared to the initial project. The idea behind this visionary and innovative project-construction site was constituted by a
sort of social urban planning system, conceived by the expansive mind of Mattei himself, and then realized, with great architectural quality, by the architect Edoardo Gellner first of all, in collaboration with Carlo Scarpa for some of his parts.

The organic-social criterion adopted by Mattei was perfectly understood, elaborated and transferred into reality by Gellner, who redesigned it in a total way, at every level, from the urban planning to the architectural one, down to the smallest furnishing details. The main structures of the site consist of the large Colony (30,000 square meters), the Church of Our Lady of Cadore, the hotel, the
camping with fixed tents and 280 single-family villas.

It is an exceptional and unique site in Italy, in which the relationship between the strong aspects of the country It is an exceptional and unique site in Italy, in which the relationship between the strong aspects of landscape and natural environment blend in an amazing way with the organic architectures, which today the forest literally devours. Since 2000, the Village has been owned by
the Minoter company, with which Dolomiti Contemporaneity has started a collaboration, on the basis of a project for the cultural and functional enhancement of the settlement: in June 2014, the natural environment project was launched