The Eni Village in Borca is a huge and ambitious architectural aggregate, the largest alpine complex in Europe. It includes 263 single-family villas, a hotel, a residence, a campsite with fixed huts / tents, the Church of Nostra Signora del Cadore, designed by Carlo Scarpa and Edoardo Gellner, and a colony that until the early 1990s hosted 600 children every two weeks.

The complex, designed by Edoardo Gellner, aims to be a modern reinterpretation of the Alpine construction tradition. Landscape and natural environment merge with the organic architectures conceived by the architect, who in his design experiments with various spatial, structural and technological solutions and personally takes care of all aspects, from urban planning to design and
design of furniture and furnishings, from location of roads to tree planting.

Hotel Boite

Residence Corte

Corte SPA